A collaboration with Cheryl Ng

Amongst the myriad of things in  the Universe, the  existence of duality is found no stranger ­ Yin and Yang, Day and Night, Hot and Cold, Mind and Body, Male and Female. Nor is it foreign in Chinese literature ­  the Lamp Wicks of Buddha, the Green and White Snakes ­ such a dichotomy is always found  not  as two separated elements, but an inseparable whole regardless of the endeavor in some of them to live on as an individual.  

Perhaps  this  would  forever  be  a  mystery,  but  perhaps  this  is  just  the  beauty  of  nature  that  is encapsulated through the meticulous engineering of the Universe. Duality is created perhaps for the deed of  the infusion of two unique elements, and thereof composing a unique song that would be borned to another unique individual.

The two seemingly opposing forces ­ the  push and the pull, the hide and the seek, the chase and the flight ­ complement one another dynamically that they are often found prominent in relationships.   Intangible as it is, but not unobservable. In the performance project of Duality, the two human subjects would  carry  out  a series  of  actions  that  illustrate  this  whole  idea,  transforming  the  notion  into  an observable  concept. Eventually,  the  audience would expect to see  it woven  eloquently  into  a  lyrical, visual portrayal of Duality.